Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stupid Ice Cream Gifts and Other Things That Irritate Me

Tell me….in what kind of society do we live in that we have become too lazy to lick our ice cream cones? I came across the most ridiculous item at Urban Outfitters.

So we, as a species, have evolved to the point where it is too inconvenient for us to rotate our wrists around to lick an ice cream cone? Puh-leeze! Don’t our hip and fashionable buddies at Urban Outfitters know this action is, for many people, one of just a few remaining forms of exercise? There are many wellness programs out there that include ice cream cone wrist rotations, remote control finger lunges and 12 ounce mug/can curls. How can UO take this away from us? I guess if you count yourself among “the beautiful people”, you can afford to invest in an item that rotates a cone for you while you simply stick your tongue out and enjoy effortless ice cream eating.

How lazy have we become?? Talk about your stupid gift items – there are 5 in this hilarious video I found!

And another thing…or should I say: And another thong. Not a typo…it is an actual undergarment with an ice cream image on it. I have seen several versions of this item all over cyberspace. Apparently anyone who has access to a screen printer feels a primal urge to imprint sexy lingerie with images of ice cream cones and Bomb Pops®. Well, if that does it for you…. For me, I have one word: ick.

All I have to say is this, “Why on Earth didn’t I think of that first?”

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