Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Foodie Love

February is a very exciting month for celebrating food.

Maybe it is because half the nation is still maintaining some kind of hibernation mode and all we seem to want to do these days is find justifiable reasons for us to eat. Did you know that February is National Cherry Month? Also – let us not forget that February is also National (a-hem, guys? You have 11 days until Valentines’ Day!!) Chocolate Month.

Because I love food and February is the month for love, I have decided to dedicate all of my blogs this month to my love of all these decadent foods and the days that are devoted to them.

Be looking for some exciting and insightful blogs to come your way in the next four weeks celebrating my love for these, and other, food items that are given a day of recognition this month.

Today’s blog is very brief as I am busy conducting some very important research into these “tasteful” topics!

Stay tuned, fellow foodies, for a month of sweet surprises!

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