Friday, February 20, 2009

Ice Cream Treasures Along the Treasure Coast

Ahhh….vacation! Every year, at this time, Mr. P.O.D. and I travel with friends to a Florida destination that is both conducive to golfing (for the guys) and lounging on the beach (for the gals). This year goes on record, for me, as one of the best years ever. Above average temperatures (mid-80s), great company, lots of sun, great wine and food, a fabulous shoe purchase and three ice cream opportunities all played a role in this trip obtaining the “best ever” title.

This year’s destination, The Treasure Coast, in Florida….specifically Hutchinson Beach, Jensen Beach, and Stuart…offered up a plethora of experiences. Did you know that the name "Treasure Coast" is derived from a number of ships of Spanish galleons (especially those of the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet) that wrecked off the coast during the 17th and 18th centuries? “The Fabulous Mrs. G” (I will call her “Fab” for short) is my female counterpart on this trip (while the guys go chase little white balls around in the grass) and it is up to us to fill our days with uncovering as many of those little treasures as possible.

And this year’s booty? Ice Cream!

Following dinner on Friday night at a little Italian restaurant, we stumbled upon a small dip shop called “Strawberries” where they served Mayfield ice cream. My chocolate and peanut butter combination paled in comparison to the caramel-coyote-something-or-other that Fab ordered. I can’t remember the name but it was pretty good. Nothing spectacular about this ice cream experience but it was a nice ending to a great Italian meal.

This year’s trip also included a 9-mile Valentine’s Day bike ride that afforded Fab and me a wonderful opportunity to watch about a dozen dolphins frolicking in the waters of the Intercoastal Waterway. What an awe-inspiring moment to see! We also uncovered an outdoor tiki-hamburger bar called J.B. Pipps that served really great burgers and fries. But on this particular bike ride, we had one main goal – to eat ice cream at our second ice cream destination of the trip, Killwin’s. Fab, a fan of Killwin’s for many years, turned me on to this shop during our Florida excursion last year. This year’s experience did not disappoint. Founded in Northern Michigan in 1947, this franchise of confectionary shops has about 60 locations throughout the country. Here are a few photos of the dipping cabinet and some of the confections they were making the morning that we arrived. Bear in mind, it was Valentine’s Day and they were obviously expecting a larger than normal patronage today. Our ice cream was “delish” and I enjoyed a double scoop of Rasberry Sorbetto and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – an odd combination – but who cares?? It’s vacation!
Finally, Sunday was the day we opted for a gelato case we found at a small café and wine shop just down the street and over the bridge from our hotel. Fab ordered a dolce de leche and pistachio combination while I tried my luck again with chocolate chip cookie dough on top of a yummy flavor – I can’t recall the name – but it tasted like an Almond Joy candy bar. This was also the day that we got to pet stingrays and identify fish in a lagoon at the Florida Oceanographic Costal Center.
Alas! Another vacation “in the can” and more time on the treadmill for me. As long as the vacations consist of sweet ice cream experiences, it is all worth it!

Next Tuesday we’ll chat a little bit about “Fat Tuesday” before we begin to “detox” our bodies from February “Foodie-Love” Month. Until then, I remain…..1SweetMama

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