Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Garanimals For Guys

Men, forgive me. I do not mean to stereotype. In fact, several of you out there are quite snappy dressers. Belt matches shoes; socks match shirt. You dare to wear the occasional paisley with a gentle “windowpane” print. For those of you who serve as Master of The Wardrobe in your domain, you are excused. We will chat next Friday.

For those of you, like the guy I sat across the aisle of the airplane from on Saturday…you need serious help. You do not wear a yellow polo shirt with blue and black horizontal striping with brown and green plaid shorts. I am not sure what he was thinking when he reviewed his ensemble in the mirror on Saturday morning before heading out the door for the airport but I am fairly certain it surely was not, “Wow! Now that is the look I am goin’ for!!” Or, maybe it was. His only excuse could (possibly!) be that, as he informed everyone sitting around him – yes, he was a “plane talker” – was that he was on his way to visit his fiancĂ©. This, in my opinion, screams, “My fiancĂ© coordinates all of my clothing choices.” Because she was not there to assist with dressing him that morning, I will allow him a “mulligan” – a do-over. Mr. Airplane-Talking-Bad-Dressing Guy, you are excused just this once. From now on, make smarter wardrobe choices and save yourself from publicly humiliating yourself.

But here is my million dollar idea. If any of you reading this blog happens to come up with a business plan and actually takes this idea to market, all I ask is that you please remember me with some tiny monetary compensation – or a dinner on the town. Okay, entrepreneurs, here it is:

Garanimals For Guys

Remember those cute little hippopotamus-es, and elephants, and other jungle creatures that adorned the tags of kiddie clothes a thousand years ago? Where have they gone and why can’t we resurrect this wardrobe tool for men? Garanimals! Of course! The hippopotamus tie goes with any article of clothing from the hippopotamus family: pants, jacket, socks…you name it. The tiger shorts coordinate with any shirt from the tiger family and so on and so forth.

Brilliance. Women all over the planet will be relieved of their “Honey, will you help me pack for my business trip?” duties. After the launch of the “Garanimals For Guys” clothing line, women can holler over their shoulders, in response, as they are headed out the door for martinis with the gals, “Honey, you can do it! You are a big boy now! Just match up your tigers and elephants!”

No room for error – unless they decide to match up the tigers with the hippopotamus-es. Sigh!

Now, all I need is the mojo to get this project off the ground…and maybe a good endorsement from Stacy and Clinton (TLC’s “What Not To Wear”).

Until next time, I remain….1SweetMama

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