Friday, October 31, 2008

Does Jimmy Buffet Eat Blue Bunny Ice Cream?

It pains me to say this but today, my blog comes to you while I am in Green Turtle Cay in Abacos, Bahamas. Please don’t miss me too much while I am gone. But this little “vacay” got me to thinking… you suppose Jimmy Buffet eats ice cream?

I would have to think that a man who commits himself to having fun and enjoying life would be first in line at the ice cream counter. In addition, he is also a man who appreciates things that are frozen (i.e.: Margaritas – the man lives in Margaritaville, for goodness sake!!), so I figure that he must have had a little ice cream along the way. Whether its fins to the left or fins to the right, you know he had a couple of scoops of cool and creamy ice cream after he woofed down his cheeseburger! I can’t think of anything more “paradise-like” than that!

If you visit his Margaritaville website, there is an FAQ page that devotes itself to some of the basic platforms of the Parrothead King…..the “perfect” Margarita recipe, who invented the Margarita….and who invented the blender (a really interesting story…go check it out!).

Again…..gets me thinking…..okay, so maybe this self proclaimed “old hippie” might prefer his ice cream blended, as well?? In fact, I would think that Jimmy not only eats ice cream, but I will bet he puts it in a blender, adds a little bananas, coconut, mangos, and peanut butter (c’mon…you gotta have a little protein!!) and makes himself one tasty breakfast smoothie! What the heck – toss in a little rum, too. You’ll be napping in your hammock by noon! Talk about paradise!!

As a celebratory send-off for my little vacation, I tried my new recipe (both with and without rum) and I am here to tell ya….it is “Buffet-acular!” Here is my recipe:

1Sweet Mama’s Guilt-Free Buffet-acular Breakfast/Anytime Smoothie
2 large scoops of Blue Bunny(R) No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Banana Split Ice Cream
½ banana, chopped into pieces
¼ cup mango
½ cup kiwi fruit
3 Tbsp coconut
3 Tbsp orange or grapefruit juice (I even think pomegranate juice would be good!)
2 Tbp peanut butter
1 shot of rum (optional – but it actually tastes better this way!)

In a blender, combine all ingredients. Blend together on medium setting for 10 seconds. It may also work better if you “pulse” the blender.

Enjoy your guilt free – protein packed smoothie! See you stateside next week….until then…..pass that jigger of salt!

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