Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Night Lights

Recently, a feature film, followed by an acclaimed TV show, entitled “Friday Night Lights”, has enjoyed a high level of success as it explores the drama and the excitement of a Texas high school and its nationally celebrated football program. In my little family, we celebrate "Tuesday Night Lights"…..not as much drama, not near as much national attention but the all the excitement of 8th grade football.

Bud, my oldest son, plays defensive end on the “B” team. He is not first string but has the heart of the starting quarterback. He loves the game and enjoys the team spirit. He endures practices every night after school and stands patiently on the sidelines as he waits for the coach to give him the nod to go in and play. He is no quitter and for that, I am more proud of him than if he was the starting quarterback on the “A” team.

Last Tuesday night was the final game. Here is a photo to capture the flavor of the game. Note that it was about 45 degrees and drizzling rain. My family and I, bundled up and huddled together, cheered Bud on as his “B” team wrapped up an undefeated season of “Tuesday Night Lights” in The Ice Cream Capital of the World.

Afterwards, I offered up ice cream sundaes for the boys….but they opted for hot chocolate, instead. A sweet end to one sweet season.

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