Friday, October 3, 2008

The Death & Life of Ice Cream

A co-worker recently passed away and I am always struck by the emotions I experience when someone I once knew as a vibrant and fun person is no longer going to be around. I think about the day when it comes to be “my time” to not be around…. will anyone feel this way about my absence, too?

I know that life will continue with or without me. The sun will rise and set. TGIFs will be welcomed, holidays will pass, and days of rain, sun, snow, and wind will occur…..whether or not I am here to experience them. People’s lives will move on. They will laugh and cry, celebrate life’s triumphs and mourn in its tragedies. Life continues…even though I will no longer be around to be a part of it.

Babies will be born. Children will play. Lovers will swoon. Life will continue. This is how it works. I am just sorry that I will miss it.

Which is why I found the video, “The Death & Life of Ice Cream” to be a fitting tribute to life. It is created by “Mind Pie” and the music is from Kevin MacLeod. I don’t know anything about either of these creators but I do know the message of this particular video, perfectly self-described as a “meditation of life, death, and ice cream”, seems to capture my disposition today.

This video elicits a very “zen-like” mood and I believe it effectively illustrates the sexiness of the measures of hope and despair, anticipation and disappointment, and the give and take of life itself.

It is beautiful….just like life. Make sure to celebrate its wonder and make sure to enjoy some ice cream along the way.

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