Friday, April 3, 2009

1SweetMama's Ode To Caramel - April 5 is National Caramel Day!

Oh, caramel, oh, caramel, your taste is so sweet!
I love all the moments when it is you that I eat.

Drizzled or dropped or something I dip in
I just can’t get enough – your taste gots me trippin’!

You taste great on my oatmeal, my pancakes, and frappes….
With fruits – you’re the best – especially on my "app’s".

In cakes made with leche or with chocolates in boxes
With peanuts, rice krispies, or pecans – you really rocks-es!

Your sweetness is dreamy, your taste is delish
But you taste the best when mixed with ice cream in my dish.

Whether swirled within or swirled atop
Doesn’t matter – I love it – Gimme more caramel! Don’t stop!

So chewy and sweet - no matter how I eat it
The craving has got me – I just can’t defeat it.

As I wrap up my rhyming caramel foray….
I think I’ll have a scoop of Blue Bunny®’s Homemade Turtle Sundae.


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