Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs Gone Bad and The People Who Provoke Them, Part 2

When last we spoke – I had left you with visions of colored Easter eggs dancing in your heads. The family was just preparing to launch the traditional “Egg Cracking Contest” with the “Ugly Egg Contest” Winner going egg-to-egg with his opponent, my youngest son, Peanut.

“Three-Two-One…Go!” With a sickening “crack-plfth” sound, the two eggs collided in an explosion of semi-cooked egg guts spraying the two opponents and a host of eager onlookers.

Well, we never had THIS issue before…..

In my 30 "ish" years of egg boiling, I had obviously made a slight miscalculation of boiling time in this instance and both batches of eggs had been undercooked to the consistency of those that had been soft-boiled.

Shocked by the scene, we all stared, wide-eyed at the carnage. My first reaction was to stomp off, exclaiming, “Oh, great! I ruined ‘Fake Easter’!”. But my pregnant and hormonal sister in her self-described attempt to “make lemonade” grabbed what was left of the egg and “smooshed” it into Peanut’s hair. He shrieked, then reciprocated.

Of course, not to be left out from the fun - like a scene from Animal House - everyone began to grab the remainder of the colored eggs and began to throw them at each other and smash them into each other’s hair.

About 5 minutes later, with egg dripping from my head and eggshells oozing their way down my back and into my underwear, we were weeping with laughter.

‘Fake Easter’ wasn’t ruined at all – it was salvaged by my sister’s quick thinking followed by everyone’s willingness to clean the whole mess up. Of course, Max the Wonderdog found that egg fights were an ultimate benefit to him, being close enough to the floor to being missed as a target and, yet, be close enough to assist in the clean-up process.

And now, with most of the family being gone this coming weekend and the boys with their dad, P.O.D. will arrive to town and we will celebrate ‘Real Easter’ quietly with church on Sunday followed by a brunch with Grandma S.

Hope your Easter is filled with “eggs-tremely” sweet memories, too.
Until next time, I remain....1SweetMama

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