Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Help Me To help You!

Photo by digitalgopher, http://www.flickr.com/photos/digitalgopher/2170495422/
Okay readers, I need your help. Twice each week, I pour my heart out to you and hope that you are enjoying my posts. I have very much enjoyed this creative outlet and thank you for allowing me to write about my "eternal optimist" opinions and experiences each Tuesday and Friday.

However, I am currently in the process of reviewing this blog and its impact. If I understand correctly, there seems to be several of you out there reading “The Sweet Life”, yet, I don’t know much about you.

In order for me to remain effective in my efforts to provide a fun and informative blog for all of you, I would like to ramp things up a bit by learning a little bit about all of you and encouraging interaction among you. I have reached out to a few of my readers and have discovered that there are several of you who are concerned about the level of difficulty required in order to simply post a comment. I am told that in order to post a comment, you need to sign up for some kind of an id.

When I go through this process through a third party, it does ask you to sign in with an i.d. – Google, Netvibes, OpenID, etc. For readers of “The Sweet Life” who may not understand this process, signing up for an i.d. might seem a little intimidating. Today, I tweaked the settings a bit for comment posting, so I am very curious if someone out there could attempt to post a comment and let me know how it goes. Feel free to send me an email at highfivemarketing@yahoo.com. Comments to this email will be monitored on a regular basis.

So, here is my question and where I really need your help. Over the next few weeks, I will be offering a series of questions via polls and blog posts asking you for input to this blog and the content you are reading.

Together, I want to build a sweet little community of “Sweet Life” readers so that we will be able to have some fun interaction and keep all of you wanting to come back for more. But I can’t help you if you don’t help me.

I really appreciate your support these past seven-and-a-half months but I can’t improve my product if you can’t help me to help you. I want to grow and become more of a user-friendly blog that encourages you to read, pass along, and interact.

Stay tuned for an eventual upgrade of “The Sweet Life” but in order for me to make logical and useful changes, I need your help. Your assignment for the next week is to remember to take the poll (over to the right) and try to post a comment (at the end of my blog posts). Until next time, I remain….1SweetMama


Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to some back and forth conversations...signed Not So Plain Jane

1SweetMama said...

Yes! I want to encourage people to comment. Did you have to sign up for anything when you left this comment? Or did you post the comment with OpenID? Tell me how you posted... Thanks for reading! Hope life is good for you these days!

Anonymous said...

HEY watch it with the Plain Jane comments. We Jaynes have plenty of Spice. (Just ask us)

1SweetMama said...

Funny - I have THREE "Jane/Jayne" readers! Maybe I will have to write a blog about Janes! By the way - notice that Jane is "Not So Plain Jane" - she is pretty sassy, too, as are ALL of the Jane/Jaynes I know!! :)