Friday, June 12, 2009

Superman Eats Blue Bunny Ice Cream!

Well….it is an unofficial observation, anyway, but I do have photographic evidence that Blue Bunny® ice cream is available in Metropolis….Metropolis, Illinois!

My boys and I were about 6 or 7 hours into our road trip and just about to cross over into the Bluegrass State of Kentucky when we happened upon Metropolis! Now, everyone who follows the heroics of Superman MUST know that he lives in Metropolis where his crime-fighting ways keep the streets free of Lex Luthor’s evil schemes.

While unable to really spend little more time in this southern Illinois community than to take a “bio break” and gas up, we were very fascinated by this little city on the Ohio River. Peppered with superhero cut-outs (see photo), Metropolis is also home to the Super Museum, and a large Kryptonite meteorite, located on the southwest corner of Third and Ferry Streets.

Check out some of the sites here!

I love towns like this. The boys and I surveyed the superhero collection of souvenirs and I explained to them that, if we had flown to Florida, we never would have seen this part of the world – Superman’s town!! Not sure they were totally convinced....
Of course, we enthusiastically noted that Blue Bunny ice cream carried a prominent presence in the convenience store in which we stopped. Bud – my oldest son – posed by the Blue Bunny hard-dip ice cream and novelty bunkers located within the store. We explained to the staff that we were from “The Ice Cream Capital of the World®” and that we brought greetings from Blue Bunny to Superman’s constituency in the southern-most area of Illinois. To which, they responded that Blue Bunny ice cream was their favorite ice cream. I asked them if they knew what Superman’s favorite flavor was…..a question that was met with a blank stare from the staff. I took that as meaning that it must have been Scooper Hero ® ice cream – a vanilla ice cream that is colored bright red, yellow, and blue – the traditional colors of crime-fighters, I think.

AND, as an FYI… Wonder Woman, arguably the most popular and iconic female superhero in comics (and also wears the popular crime-fighter team colors of red, blue, and yellow), is considered a feminist icon and is informally grouped with Superman and Batman as one of a "Trinity" of DC characters, regarded as especially important, which is why she is also welcomed in the great city of Metropolis, Illinois.

We stopped for a quick photo (Peanut was a good sport about being Wonder Woman) of my own two superheroes….and then we were on our way.

More next week! Until then, I remain…1SweetMama

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