Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Your True Colors

This weekend marked a gi-normous milestone for my mother and me…we convinced my Grandma Jane to repaint her white-walled rooms in her home.

Since she and my late Grandpa S moved into the house, over 10 years ago, they had never painted the inside of the house. When they moved in, all of the walls were white and the kitchen and bathrooms featured a splash of pastels in the form of wallpaper. Grandma Jane would argue that the walls are not really white but more off-white. C’mon, Grandma Jane…off-white is NOT a color!!! Grandma Jane and Grandpa S liked their home awash in white. “It looks so clean!”

But my mother and I, fans of COLOR, worked with Grandma Jane, who had determined that it was time to spruce up the place, to introduce some color – albeit light colors - into the home. After a few trips to home centers, and my absolute refusal to not paint any color with the word “beige” in it (see my blog entry from August 29, 2008 “Never Be Vanilla”), we settled on light blues, rosey-tans, yellows, and lavenders. WOW! This is a big step for Grandma Jane.

This weekend, we proudly began to turn her institution-like rooms into a warm and inviting atmosphere. I think Grandma Jane realizes that maybe a little color in her life is good for her. Before we know it, she will want her front porch painted turquoise, like mine! Okay, that is a stretch but it supports my theory that everyone needs a little more color in their life.

And, speaking of putting more color in your life, never listen to your Avon lady (a.k.a. my pregnant, hormonal sister) when she tells you that sunny yellow is a good summer color for your toenails. Perhaps a little too much color….even for me. Maybe if I were more “hip” or 20 years younger….meanwhile…..off to the nail place for a pedicure.

Until next time, I remain…1SweetMama

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