Friday, September 26, 2008

Ode To My Metabolism

When I was a girl, a young lass with ‘tude
I never thought twice when eating my food.

For breakfast: a donut or perhaps, maybe, two!
For lunch: a Ding Dong and some chips would do.
Dinner was usually something from Mother
Usually a healthier something-or-other.

I never considered time on a treadmill
Or taking the steps or walking uphill.
Carbs versus protein – oh, please….there’s a diff?
Just give me some chocolate – that’d be terriff!

But then as the hands of age tightened their grip
I noticed a slight change in my thigh and my hip.

A mere glance at a cookie would add several pounds
My rear-end gi-normous, my midsection: round!
A cruel reminder that no longer I could
Enjoy vast amounts of decadent food.

With cardio and weight training, I must challenge the fate
Of an ever decreasing metabolic rate.
Nevermore can I sit: a couch potato I be.
Now sit-ups and lunges in reps of three.

So bye-bye to the sweets and fast-food of my youth
Okay, maybe one French Fry, if you must know the truth.
Or maybe a dozen and a Big Mac is fantastic!
What the heck, I’ll buy jeans with waistbands of elastic!

Here’s to full-figured gals in their primes!
Hourglass shapes – it’s the look of the times.
So eat, drink and be merry, of course moderate…
And save room for ice cream and let’s celebrate!

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