Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

This has been my day so far….

I woke up a little too early this morning because I was having a bad dream about missing my flight that I am supposed to take later today….

I got too little sleep last night because I had to re-arrange my furniture, late into the evening, in order to move my couch away from the front window (there is a great debate between my grandmother and me – I think Max the Wonderdog is eating my couch in defiance of my being gone all day and he is bored and my grandmother thinks he is tearing it up because he tears around the house – repelling off the couch cushion that is torn up – when the postman comes…and we know how Max feels about the postman!)…

Just before I left the house, I had to stretch across my son’s (Peanut) bed in order to check behind it for one of his favorite stuffed animals that he thinks he might have left at my house before he left for his dad’s house. Turns out “Iceberrrrg Junior” (a Lil’ Webkins Huksy dog) was not behind the bed, after all. When I left the house for work, I glanced at my coat (which I had on while I performed the Husky search) and it was so covered in dog hair that it looked like I was actually wearing Max…..

After parking the car in the corporate office parking lot, I realized I left my cell phone at home. My plan was to not go back home until after I return from my trip on Sunday (since I am getting a ride to the airport). I had to call my grandmother to go search my house (because, of course, I cannot remember where I left the darn thing) so that she could bring the phone up to me, here at the office (thank goodness she lives close by!).

But…always being the eternal optimist….It is now 9:27 a.m. and things are beginning to look up for me.

I did get my coat cleaned off (it took several swipes with a lint roller), Iceberrrrg Junior (I think) has been located at Peanut’s dad’s house, Grandma found my phone, and I am pretty sure there is a bar in the airport so I am thinking there may be a cocktail in my near future (after all, it is 5 o’clock somewhere!!). Oh, and it is payday today. Sweeeet!

Here is to a better Friday the 13th and I am hoping that you all are finding the number 13 to be a lucky one.

Until next Tuesday, I remain……1SweetMama

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