Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ahh....The Joy of Cupcakes and Ice Cream!

This weekend was a busy one. Memorial Day is always a conglomerate of activity carefully choreographed to make it “feel” like a holiday, even though we never really go anywhere. As the official kick-off to summer in “The Ice Cream Capital of the World®”, Memorial Day weekend is usually a mish-mash of high school graduation parties, yard work, grill outs with friends, more yard work, my birthday….the list goes on and on.

Bud, my oldest son, marched in the school band on Monday (he is on the drum line) for the Memorial Day parade. I have also attached a photo of the Memorial Day ceremony that takes place, annually, at out county courthouse where we honor our military veterans. The parade marches up to the courthouse, followed by a flag dedication ceremony. Pretty awe-inspiring.

These activities usually prevent us from actually travelling anywhere significant so we just hung out all weekend and participated in all of the activities mentioned above plus some added fun extra’s. We also took in an IMAX showing of “Night At The Museum 2”…even though we had a two-hour drive in order to go see it…it was totally worth it. We had such a great weekend!!

But, amidst all of the above activity, we managed to squeeze in a little quiet time, too. For my birthday, my oldest son, now dubbed, “The Grillmaster” perfectly prepared steaks on the grill, which we ate for my birthday dinner, followed by cupcakes and ice cream and I gotta tell ya….for about 45 minutes, the world just stopped. What a joy to sit around the table, flanked by my kids, eating birthday cupcakes (aside from chips and salsa, cake and frosting is my favorite good group) and Blue Bunny ice cream. We laughed and chatted and ate more than we should but it was a great time….just the three of us. We ate my favorite flavor du jour, Blue Bunny® Double Cone Crunch ice cream and it was a little scoop – okay, it was a large scoop! – of absolute, total heaven. Have you tried this ice cream yet??? Two words: Yum… me.

I encourage you to carve out a little time in your life this summer to sit down and enjoy some ice cream (um…Blue Bunny…..okay?) with the ones you love. In a summer of never-ending activities and obligations, it might allow you to stop running on the “hamster wheel” for a little while and enjoy some sweet moments of bliss.

Until next time, I remain….1SweetMama

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