Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What May 19 Means To Me

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It is funny….I had another blog ready to post today when I realized that it was May 19.

For many, May 19 holds no real significance but for me, I remember the EXACT day that I began to form some kind of weird connotation with this particular date. My mother thinks I am weird....I think I would say I was sentimental.

It would have been May 19, 1975. I was in the second grade at Westchester Grade School. I remember that it was a sunny and warm day and I vividly remember my classroom. It is funny, but the older I get, the more clearly I can recall the little details of that room. I do not, however, remember my teacher or any of my classmates but I do remember that the room had windows that looked out on one side to the playground area and I remember that they were open that day.

As a six-year-old-about-to-turn-seven, I remember realizing that the date was May 19 and that I only had 5 “wake-ups” left until my birthday. As many wake-ups as there were fingers on my one hand. From that moment on…..there has always been a real meaning to May 19.

Today as I was preparing my blog entry, I realized that I only have as many wake-ups to wait for my birthday as there are fingers on my one hand.

Today’s weather is very similar to that of May 19, 1975. My house windows are open and the same smells of late spring waft through it as they did through my classroom windows many years ago.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since that day. But it still holds the same meaning and I still look forward, with childlike anticipation, to my birthday in five days.

Until next time, I remain.....1SweetMama

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