Friday, May 1, 2009

What Is Up With Crabby People?

I realize that if you live in “The Ice Cream Capital of the World” and you work for a company that makes Blue Bunny ice cream, your view on life might be a little more sweet than the view of someone who doesn’t. However, there is no real excuse for people to go around with a chip on their shoulder, infecting the rest of society with negativism.

I get so tired of people who feel that it is their mission to make everyone around them feel insignificant and miserable. The only deduction I can make from this kind of behavior is that those people are only truly happy when everyone else around them feels as sour inside as they do. And so the saying goes, “Misery loves company,” and I believe it.

We all have had bad days but there is no reason to take it out on other people. I have a mother who works in a job that handles consumer comments. You would not believe some of the things people say to her. She is not directly responsible for any of the things people call her number to complain about, yet those people use her as a verbal punching bag in order to help them vent their anger. She calmly takes the insults, tries to make it right with them and hangs up.

But what I have also noticed about my mother is that on days when the complaints are heavier, this usually pleasant woman is crabby, too.

Crabbiness is viral. Negativism spreads like a toxic disease and, if infected at an early age, can scar a personality for the rest of that individual’s life.

There are some people who I think would be so much happier if they just ate an ice cream cone every now and then.

The world, for the most part, is good. People, for the most part, are good. Imagine a world where everyone was kind to each other….and ate more ice cream.

Pass the scoop.

Until next time, I remain….1SweetMama

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