Friday, May 22, 2009

What It Means To be Another Year Older

If you read my blog last week, you will know that my birthday is fast approaching. While I kid about the fact that my birthdays stopped at age 39 (my sister’s wedding fell on my 40th birthday last year, so I claim that I never had a 40th birthday and, therefore, I will remain 39 forever)…I am proud to say that I will be 41 years old.

What this means to me is that I join the ranks of other 40-somethings who I believe have reached a pivotal moment in their lives where they, for the first time, feel the bravest, strongest, and wisest as they have ever felt.

I do have to give a special shout out to my girlfriend, Kimmer, and my Aunt who are celebrating their birthdays TODAY. Both of these women are string and fun and more beautiful than ever.

At nearly 41, I am able to view life more clearly than I ever have before. I feel more. I find the joy in more things.

I love more deeply. I don’t hold grudges for too long. I try to sweat less over the small stuff and I like to try to believe that every day is a chance to start over.

And while I work hard to stay in shape and to keep the wrinkles away and try to remain fashionable, I realize that I am of the age where sexiness is not necessarily defined by a waistline but by self-confidence. Wrinkles are earned and I am proud of each one of them.

These days, I appreciate a fine wine on a quiet evening much more than a night out on the town. I appreciate spending time with my children and walking my dog.

I enjoy sunny Saturday mornings when I can sit out on my front steps and watch the world go by….

Boring? Maybe. It has been a long and painful road to get where I am today but I am hoping that my 41st year on this earth will be the best ever. This is the year that I will smell more flowers and appreciate the beauty in more things. Maybe I will even take a cooking class….nah!

I will spend my birthday with my children. I think our plan is to take in a movie, maybe a picnic lunch and a walk in the sunshine. If the weather is good, we might grill out for dinner, enjoy some cake and Blue Bunny ice cream (is there any other kind of ice cream??) and sit outside for as long as the night will allow. I will wrap up my day with a book that was given to me for my birthday when I was in kindergarten by my teacher, Miss Moelling.

My favorite book of all time….it is a Golden Book called “The Daisy Dog Wake Up Book” by Ilse-Margret Vogel. It is about a little beagle who runs around waking up all of her friends early in the morning to invite them to her birthday party “under the apple tree”. Funny thing about Daisy Dog…..she was up so early inviting her friends that she fell asleep in time for the actual party. All of her friends arrived and had to wake up “that silly, sleepy pup” so that they could have chocolate covered meatball pizza and thimbleberry pie. Reading this book has grown to be one of my favorite birthday traditions.

Not sure why I do it….maybe because it reminds me that no matter how old I get, there is still a little “pup” in me who can’t wait to celebrate her birthday with the people she loves the most.

Until next time, I remain...1SweetMama


John Vander Stelt said...

Wise words! Enjoy your birthday. Life is worth celebrating each day, but even extra so on your birthday.

1SweetMama said...

Thanks, John! You know it!