Friday, September 12, 2008

Adam Roberts' Musical Tribute To a Malted Milk Ice Cream Recipe

I happened to stumble upon Adam Roberts a few weeks ago when I was surfing the web in an attempt to find someone or something that would be an entertaining highlight to feature in one of my blogs.

This guy is fun, good natured, creative, and quite talented. Among all of his other creative offerings on his website, I happened upon his musical ode to an ice cream dessert.

When I first heard this sweet little rendition, my reaction was, “This guy needs a couple of voice lessons and, perhaps, a hobby.” But after looking further in to Adam Roberts, I learned that his hobbies are food, music, and sharing his light-hearted perspective on those things along with lots of other fun stuff. This guy plays a mean piano and I had to laugh out loud at his hilarious tribute to David Lebovitz’ Malted Milk Ice Cream Recipe. Then I proceeded to forward it to several of my co-workers. Adam’s alter ego is The Amateur Gourmet and he has a pretty cool website and blog, which includes songs, comics, and lots more dedicated to his love of food.

Looking for inspiration for a new song, Adam turned to David Lebovitz , author, pasty chef and aficionado of all things sweet and decadent. Lebovitz’s Malted Milk Ice Cream recipe proved the perfect muse. Just as an aside, you should also take a listen to The Lasagna Song.

Coincidentally, after writing several books, including “The Perfect Scoop”, David Lebovitz authored the book, “Living The Sweet Life in Paris”. Apparently he didn’t know that “The Sweet Life” can also be lived in the “Ice Cream Capital of the World®” (as attested to by myself, 1SweetMama) in Le Mars, Iowa! David Lebovitz has lots of fab "foodie" publications that you should go check out.

Well, Adam, I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to being entertained by you for many meals to come.

Check it out…..then go make your own tub of David Lebowitz’ Malted Milk Ice Cream. No piano required.

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