Friday, September 5, 2008

Always Have "The Hand"

At the risk of seeming “preachy”, today’s blog focuses on a bit of life advice. If you have found yourself a steady reader of my blogs, you will have learned that most of my blog posts are about ice cream and my eternally optimistic perspective on life. In fact, if you recall from one of my earlier entries, I state that my blogs are my view of life “through ice cream-colored glasses”.

Simply put: I tend to be naive enough to believe that everyone – whether they want to admit it or not – is good. It is a fairly nice outlook to have.

I also know that bad things can, and often do, happen to all people. In fact, the phrase, ‘Bad things happen to good people” was probably coined in an effort to make those good people feel “better” when stuck with a bad situation.

I have a philosophy that I believe is more of an antibiotic for easing the emotional infection and bringing down the fever of a bad situation. That philosophy is this: Always have the hand.

By this, I mean: always be the one who is in total control of yourself. Have the hand. Never give the control to the person or to the situation that is consuming you.

I hate hearing when they say or do something that ultimately gives the “hand” to someone else. I tell this to friends of mine in the hopes that they might realize the power of the Hand.

The “hand” means you have the power to control what happens to YOU. Not necessarily over the other person – because that would be mean and controlling – but YOU be the one to manage the situation. When all things are said and done, make sure that you have the Hand, whether you are finding yourself to be right or wrong. If you have the Hand, it is much easier to extend it back later, if necessary. And maybe stick an ice cream cone in it. My personal version of an “olive branch”.

It doesn’t mean that you are right. It doesn’t mean that you are mean. But if you have the Hand, I think you will find that you won’t be left asking yourself, “What did I do??” or “Why did I do that?” a lot less.

So, next time you or someone special are struck with a bad situation, ask yourselves: “Do you have the Hand?”

Just a “sweet” little bit of advice from someone who does view life through those ice cream-colored glasses.

Until next time, I remain….1SweetMama

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