Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Max The Wonderdog

I am divorced. When my divorce was finalized, my ex (“X”) asked if he could have Maggie, the dog . X said he would be willing to assume the role of Maggie’s caregiver. I always felt she was sort of MY dog and we were great walking buddies but I, ultimately, sadly relented and gave full custody of Maggie to him.

Once I settled into homeownership, post-divorce, I, too, realized that, despite the fact that my children were with me 50% of the time, it felt like something was missing. I have owned dogs all my life…..As a youth, there was Sugar and Gizmo, Dixie Rose Lee the poodle-mix, then Daisy Dog.

Then I left for college and married. Once married….X (then, “Not X”) adopted Jennifer the German Shepherd, then Buster, then Maggie. All of these dogs, their presence overlapping in my life like warm cozy security blankets, marked significant milestones in my life.

Enter Max the Wonderdog. Mr. P.O.D. (remember Mr. “Pass-On-Dessert”, my manfriend?) adopted Max as a puppy. At about 6 months, Max’s life was nearly snuffed out by a passing truck. Thousands of dollars and several metallic rods later, Max emerged “Max The Wonderdog”. Max remained a faithful companion and Head of Security for P.O.D. for many years. The two were best buddies. But P.O.D. travels a lot for business and, despite the fact that Max attended doggie daycare 3-4 days a week, it was decided that Max might need to find a new home – one with kids and activity and LOTS and LOTS of love.

This was about the time that I had realized that 1SweetMama needed a man around the house. One who was loyal, protective, and handsome. One who would volunteer to clean up after dinner and cuddle with me at night. Max the Wonderdog, while canine and a maniacal shedder, fit the bill perfectly. He is a large “All-American Mutt” with blended likenesses of Rottweiler, German Shepherd, and Black Lab. He looks fierce, except for when he is smiling, which is pretty much most of the time.

Mr. P.O.D. reassigned Max’s security detail immediately to northwest Iowa. Max agreed to the transfer and the rest is history.

My children and I adore Max, and he us. He takes up his daily post upon my bed where he can scan the yard perimeter from my bedroom window for suspicious activity like the Schwan’s Guy, the mailman, or a random neighborhood squirrel or bird. Mostly, Max hates motorcycles and big trucks and, thus, our yard is motorcycle and truck-free 24/7. I feel so much safer.

All he asks in return is a couple of walks a day and the opportunity to lick out near-empty cereal bowls. And LOTS and LOTS of love.

Until then, I remain….1SweetMama


Sooz said...

I hope your kids don't read this blog. Kind of icky if they do.

1sweetmama said...

While my kids are not my true audience they do get to read some of my posts - not all for obvious reasons. And most of my posts are meant to be positive. I thank you for your comment and I do want to thank you for reading. I hope you come back and read again.

JuneLeMars said...

OK - it took me awhile but I have gotten over the initial shock of the color. But the dark brown (chocolate) base of the porch offsets the bright turquoise. Yes, I made my vote count - on a positive note.

1sweetmama said...

Gee...thanks junelemars!! Let me know if you need help painting YOUR porch!

Tigrrr said...

I think your family picture is nice, but it should have snow. You're obviously dressed for winter--or at least want us to believe it's winter--so where's the white stuff? You say, "I'm so cold. It snows all the time in Iowa," but I never see it. Even when I visit in the winter, all I witness are people outside at the grill and playing golf. I think this is a carefully-guarded conspiracy designed to keep we Californians (and other assorted rogue characters) out of your fair state and in our own land of "fruits and nuts." I believe in truth in blogging! So where's the snow!?!?