Tuesday, September 16, 2008

...And Speaking of Lipstick: The Cone vs. The Dish Debate

The first official poll of “The Sweet Life” blog is over and the results are in:

The ‘astounding’ (hint of sarcasm) response of 34 total votes tells me two things: 1.) I really need to get more readers to this blog, and 2.) of the choices between eating ice cream in a dish, in a cone, or in their hand….more of my readers prefer ice cream served in a dish.

In fact, 55% of readers prefer ice cream in a dish to the 44% of readers who voted to eat their ice cream from a cone. Surprisingly, no one revealed their preference of eating ice cream straight from their hand. Puzzling. (Picture me, raising my right eyebrow and rubbing my chin)

“Election Fever” has caused me to want to over-analyze everything ad nauseum and the cone vs. dish debate is no different. So, I tried to determine what hidden message is being communicated by those who prefer a round dish to a pointed cone. And this is my deduction:

The closest study I could uncover which compares people who prefer pointed objects to round objects is the “Lipstick Personality Test”. According to the “Lipstick Personality Test” (sorry to any of those voters out there who are guys – you are just out of luck, here), the tip of your used lipstick says a lot about you. If the tip of your lipstick is round and smooth all over (like a bowl!), you are easy going, a peacemaker, even tempered, steady, likeable, and generous. If the tip of your lipstick comes to a point (like a cone!), you tend to be lovable, family oriented, a “doer”, can give orders easily, are domestic, exaggerates sometimes, stubborn over little things, and need to be around other people. Now the caveat to the “pointed cone personality” is that perhaps you prefer the cone but the flat bottom variety? Well, I have a personality for you, too! If you like the bottom of your cone like you like the top of your lipstick – flat – then you are to the point (how ironic!), have high morals, need approval, are careful about appearances, are very dependable, conservative, quick-minded, and love a challenge.

So, now I have a better glimpse into the inner psyche of my entire readership – which is made up of, primarily, my friends and family. How did you vote? Is my analysis accurate? Hmm….maybe I need another poll to determine the accuracy of this poll. Or maybe I just need more to do.

At any rate, check out the various other lipstick personalities and see how you fare. And guys, you can learn about the women in your lives, as well, by glancing at the tips of their lipsticks….just don’t let them catch you digging through their purses or make-up bags. Because that would be just weird.

Until then, I remain……..1SweetMama

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