Friday, September 19, 2008

The Birthday Party

“Peanut”, my youngest son, celebrated his 9th birthday last week and his birthday party consisted of my chauffeuring he and two similarly aged boys to see the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” cartoon movie.

We loaded up on candy and pop and popcorn and headed inside the theater.

“Peanut” and his two buddies have all seen the Clone Wars before but were dying to see it a second time. While the movie was intriguing (all computer animation), it was uninspiring. I could barely make it through the first viewing, much less go back to see it again! Mid movie, Peanut leaned over to me and said, excitedly (in his candy and pop haze), “Isn’t this movie G-R-E-A-T?” Without hesitation, I, against my better judgment to be brutally honest with my angel, responded in the affirmative and matched the sentiment with a big ol’ thumbs up. After the movie, they all exclaimed, “It was even better the second time!” Really?? Maybe the more times you see it…the better it gets!

After the movie, the boys spent a king’s ransom on video arcade games before returning to our house to play with Star Wars action figures and talk mostly in their “outside voices” despite the fact that I would remind them, continually, that we were actually inside.

After the sugar buzz wore off, they wanted dinner (pizza!) followed by the giant decorated chocolate chip cookie and ice cream - Peanut’s favorite: Blue Bunny®’s Super Chunky Cookie Dough ice cream. After clearing off the pizza plates, I noted that one little guy, the silly red-head, only ate about four bites of pizza. I asked “Red” if he got enough to eat, to which came his wise and worldly reply (and you have to visualize that he is patting his stomach when he said this….keep in mind, “Red” is 8) “Well, these days, I am just not that ‘in to’ eating.” I laughed out loud.

Maybe it was the giant package of Sour Sweet Tarts and the large Dr. Pepper talking, but apparently he and the other boys must have found their stomachs again because they managed to woof down several pieces of chocolate chip cookie and piles of ice cream faster than you can say “chocolate chip cookie and piles of ice cream”.

We actually had a great time and I was glad to be a part of it.

Ahh, boys. I read a quip once (and I wish I could attribute it to someone but wouldn’t know who) that states, “A boy is just a noise with dirt on it.”

And I have two noises who are my whole world.

Happy Birthday to my youngest dirty noise, Peanut. You are half-way to being an adult. Enjoy every last minute of your youth. It goes so quickly.

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