Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ice Cream Princesses and the Men Who Love Them

It isn’t easy dating someone who is obsessed with ice cream…especially when that “someone” doesn’t really care for sweets!

It is true. 1SweetMama has been seeing “Mr. Pass-On-Dessert” for almost two years now, but imagine my surprise when this wonderful, perfect man of mine – just weeks into the dating process – informed me that he isn’t big on dessert. Now, I had to contemplate the future of this relationship, based on this new information. Handsome. Successful. A total gentleman (and some would say that is his best trait). Treats me with total love and respect. Loves my kids. Is there anything wrong with this guy?

Here it comes…the crack in the bright and shiny veneer: passing on the sweets? Do I tell him, “So long, Darling?” I think not.

We have a long-distance relationship. He lives 800 miles from me. I know….it is crazy. But we try to make it work. He owns a business there and I am co-raising two kids here, with their dad. Neither one of us can move away, so in the meantime, we, alone, are keeping Verizon, Sprint, Southwest and Delta Airlines in business.

We see each other, on average, about two times each month for a weekend. He comes here or I go there. But recently, there have been a couple of big steps made in our relationship…no, no ring (yet!)….I am proud to say that he has given me the second walk-in closet in his bedroom (the long-distance relationship equivalent of “moving in together”) AND I am now allowed to stock his freezer with ice cream. In fact, we have even been known to share a dish or two of ice cream as our evening snack. Ice cream,” he says, “is about the only sweet treat I can really enjoy.”

Mr. P.O.D. (Pass-On-Dessert) may be softening his stances on the issues of sole-proprietorship of his homestead, his deep freeze, and his late-night snack attack. He has succumbed to the power of the “Ice Cream Princess” in that I can now fill both his closet and his freezer with two of my most favorite things: shoes and ice cream, respectively.

And, while, I can’t comment to the definitiveness of the relationship between 1SweetMama and a man who, pre-me, never cared too much for sweets, I can tell you that things are looking up.

Until then, I remain…..1SweetMama


Tigrrr said...

Well, if your man won't billy up to the trough, how can we call him a swine? (Better not let the colonel see this reply!)

The funny thing is, when I first started reading your epistle, I thought you were talking about ME. You'll recall I was the original Mr. P-O-D in your life (with the exception of W-B-S, of course).

Love to you BOTH!


1sweetmama said...

No, Tigrrr, you are the focus of a future "epistle". You are a story unto yourself. Thanks for the comment...and for being my ONLY reader, it seems! :)